Creating Cash/Tourism Development

Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant Supports Financial Self-Reliance

Introduced a new place of interest where you can enjoy dining with a view of the Himalayas.

 The problem with many support projects in Nepal is that, even when the Nepalese acquire skills through occupational trainings, they do not have opportunities within their hometowns to use the skill to earn cash income. The shop adjacent to the Restaurant sells handicrafts the villagers made at home or the Training Center. Mothers can earn money without leaving their hometown.
 Many tourists visit Sarangkot Village to see the beautiful sunrise and the superb view of Himalayas, e.g. Machapuchare. However, the tourism potential of the village was not developed, and there was no full-fledged facility. Therefore, we built the “Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant”, to earn tourism revenue.
 The construction of the Restaurant began in May, 2010. It was completed and pre-opened in December, 2011. Of course, the people of Sarangkot Village lead the operation of the Restaurant and the shop. The manager and waitresses are female graduates of the sewing lessons. The operation started with a total of eight staffs, including a cook and a guardsman.
 Grand opening was in April, 2012. The staff work together to provide better service to the tourists visiting the Restaurant.

Restaurant is equipped withenvironmentally friendly, clean fixtures.

 The Restaurant is equipped with environmentally friendly fixtures. A Full-scale water purifying plant that the village never had was built. All water used in the Restaurant is purified here. Also equipped with composting toilets, solar heat and power generators, it is an environmentally friendly facility.
 The Menu at the opening phase includes buffet-style breakfast and a la carte dishes for tourists visiting the village for the sunrise. The view of the Himalayas from the open terrace and through the large windows captivates visitors.
 Also, the shop sells souvenirs like handicrafts mothers made, as well as Himalaya Candy, developed in cooperation with the Nepal Tourism Board.
 Our immediate and big challenge is to get the business of this Restaurant and the shop on track. The financial independence of the villagers to earn their own cash income depends on the success of the Restaurant and the shop.
 Simultaneously, the villagers have established a local NGO. With people of Sarangkot Village as core members, they joined hands and started to prepare for their own operation and management.

Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant