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To Make Mothers Independent and Be Proud of Themselves

We needed to start from a literacy class before machine-sewing lessons.

 The ability to read and understand manuals and textbooks is essential to learn how to use sewing machines. We started the first literacy class for illiterate mothers at the completed Training Center in June, 2009.
 After the success of this class, the female villagers’ group (SSMG) had requested to continue the class, and the second class commenced in November of the same year. In addition to the basic reading and writing class, we also set up an advanced class. In the advanced class, we taught multiplication and how to read newspapers. The class enabled students to exchange letters with their husbands who work overseas, and to strengthen family ties across distances.
 And we started the first round of basic lessons on machine-sewing in June, 2010. We employed a female teacher living in Sarangkot Village, who taught from the very basic operation of sewing machines. Twenty-four students completed the basic course in 8 months. Of those, 14 had bought their own sewing machines and started to make and mend clothes for their families. Subsequently, the second round was started in March, 2011 and 15 students completed the course in October.

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Mothers will make handicrafts with the sewing skills they acquire, and sell them at the shop.

 Twelve graduates from the basic lessons with the highest motivation and skills were selected for the advanced lessons, which started in December, 2011.
 The lessons enable students to make craft pieces to be sold at the shop adjacent to the Restaurant. We provided the mothers who had no seed money with sewing machines and materials through the Training Center. All members contributed ideas on what products to make.
 The operation principle of the shop is that upon the sales of the product, the maker pays the material cost from the sales and takes the remainder as her profit. We expect mothers can save the seed money to buy sewing machines and materials from their own profit in the future.
 One of the accomplishments was that graduates from the basic lessons made the uniforms for Manijyoti Lower Secondary School, which we used to order from a tailor in Pokhara City and donated. Mothers earned cash for sewing the uniforms. We strongly believe that such experiences will give mothers confidence, which in turn, will lead to the success of the shop.

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